Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Young Put Obama in Power But they Can Care Less About Health Care Reform

Anyone could have told you this was true.

Add this to President Barack Obama's problems in selling his health care overhaul: A lot of the tech-savvy activists who helped put him in office are young, feeling indestructible and not all that into what they see as an old folks issue.

It's a crucial gap in support and one the White House may have to correct if Obama is to regain the momentum and get Congress to act on his top domestic priority.

Well, the young will be strait-up robbed by any public plan. They will be paying in for decades into a service that they will rarely be using. Right now they have the option to forgo insurance and spend that $200-$300 on something else that would benefit them right now. If ObamaCare passes they will be be forced to pay for some other guys insurance for decades and get very little benefit from it. Maybe if ObamaCare paid for medical marijuana then more young people would become engaged again.

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