Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't Blame Obama if ObamaCare Fails; Blame Congress

Well I have to say that there is just a lot of blame to go around.

If the Congressional Democrats can’t get a health care package through, it won’t prove that President Obama is a sellout or an incompetent. It will prove that Congress’s liberal leaders are lousy tacticians, and that its centrist deal-makers are deal-makers first, poll watchers second and loyal Democrats a distant third. And it will prove that the Democratic Party is institutionally incapable of delivering on its most significant promises.

That is why I think something will pass even if it is watered down because they cannot fail for a second time and still be credible on the issue. The problem is that it isn't the GOP or Sarah Palin or these other people standing in the way. I mean the Dems can ram ObamaCare through with a strait party line vote if they want to.

What is holding things up is their inability to get their own party members to buy into a far left agenda and still allow them to hold onto their seats. I think the leftists in their party thought America had changed in 2008. Or maybe they thought that 100% of the popular vote was for Obama or something. They should realize there are still 59,934,814 people that voted for the other guy.

Contrary to what they think we are still a center, right country that is leery of government taking care of something as important as health care. I mean there are so many government failures in the past that it is hard to think that a "public option" will not just be the Post Office of Health Care in 5 years time.

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