Thursday, August 13, 2009

White House Plays the Victim Card: Lashes out With Spam Email

There is nothing like the term "viral-email" from the White House to get someone to delete an email faster.

Feeling victimized by misinformation spread virally through the Internet, the White House Thursday is launching its own "viral e-mail" for supporters to spread.

With the subject line: "Something worth forwarding," the e-mail — from senior White House adviser David Axelrod — seeks to combat "the viral e-mails that fly unchecked and under the radar, spreading all sorts of lies and distortions" and invites Americans to "start a chain e-mail of our own."

How are they feeling victimised? They control the White House and Congress, the news media, and higher education in everything except for the hard sciences and business school. I guess the idea of the perpetual victim is something these Dems just can't shake.

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