Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Ideas for Disney to Create Marvel Comics TV Shows

New Mutants TV Series:
This might be a great series if they ramp up the 90210 angle with love triangles and secret crushes as well as some fighting evil costumed villains-style action. They could easily put this on Disney Channel to go after the Hannah Montana demographic. It might even be cross genre as girls tune in to see if Cannonball and Lila Cheney stay together and the boys tuning in to see if they defeat the Hellions.

Spider-man Loves Mary Jane:
Another Hannah Montana style series this time told from Mary Jane's high school experience. They can have Spider-Man as an almost side character that is seen basically as a cameo. They follow Mary Jane's life and crushes and a little bit about her friendship with Peter Parker. They could conceivably do this series similar to Witches of Waverly Place and That's so Raven and those other Disney Channel shows.

Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-man:
This would be the flip side of the Mary Jane story as a live-action series that follows Peter Parker in high school. Have him do some stuff as Spider-Man but it is mostly about his life. You can add the part where he is bullied and is in love with Mary Jane. This would have slightly more upscale production values so it would be more compared with Smallville and not Hannah Montana.

Power Man and Iron Fist:
This could easily be a ABC drama set on the mean streets of New York with these two fighting against the Kingpin and his criminal empire. You would follow their private lives and how the Kingpin destroys neighborhoods and controls the drug trade. There would be some super-hero stuff but it would be mostly gritty street level drama instead of Fantastic Four style colorful heroics.

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