Monday, August 17, 2009

King Pharmaceuticals Develops Non-Addictive Pain Medication

It is called Embeda and it looks like it might be great for people that suffer chronic pain. I think the addiction factor is what prevents some doctors from prescribing some of the stuff on the market.

The FDA approval covers the use of Embeda for moderate to severe chronic pain. Embeda's primary ingredient is morphine, but the pills contain a core of a second drug called naltrexone. If the pill is taken normally, it will release the morphine. However if it is crushed or chewed, the naltrexone is released, canceling out the high from the morphine.

They also have another pain med in the pipeline as well.

King is developing a second pain drug called Remoxy. That drug is designed to resist abuse because its main ingredient, oxycodone, is in a thick liquid form. King asked the FDA to approve the drug in December, but the agency requested more data. King plans to resubmit its application in the middle of 2010.

It should be a decent stock since they have a fairly decent cash hoard of $478 million and the stock is selling drugs that could potentially help millions of Americans.

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