Friday, August 28, 2009

Yet Another Media Talking-Head Insults the Voters

I think this contempt that the leftists keep showing toward the American people is part of what is killing ObamaCare.

Why does this happen? Some people (including me) say the voters are immature. Politicians (and those talk radio fellows again) are always telling them that they are wise and those folks in Washington are fools. Pollsters seek and validate their opinions on subjects they haven't bothered to learn anything about. Politicians drown them in benefits with no thought of how the bills will be paid. No wonder that citizens turn out like spoiled children.

Yup he just called American voters spoiled children in a national news source. So why should these children follow Mr. Kinsley's lead if he is such a condescending jack-ass? Yes children it is time to follow the big brains like Kinsley when he tells us what is good for us even though we don't want it. I think if liberals weren't so full of themselves people might actually listen to them more.

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