Thursday, August 27, 2009

VA Accidentily Sends Vets 1000s of "You Have a Fatal Disease" Letters

This store is exactly why ObamaCare is such a hard-sell to average people.

The Veterans Affairs Department sent electronically generated letters last week that wrongly told as many as 1,200 veterans they have been diagnosed with the fatal Lou Gehrig’s neurological disease, according to Jim Bunker, president of the National Gulf War Resource Center, a veterans services nonprofit group.

Can you imagine if ObamaCare passes and thousands of letters go out saying "you have inoperable brain cancer" or something terrible like that? If an insurance company accidentally did something like this then they would be forced out of business by angry consumers. But if the Feds do it then a few bureaucrats will have to take early retirement or some other slap on the wrist. That is the basic problem with ObamaCare. You can't force them out of business if they accidentally pulled a stunt like this.

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