Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Media has Lost It: Comparing ObamaCare to Post Office In Order to Defend It

Now this has to be an sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek article.

Let's just assume that if there ever is a federal healthcare option, it will be as inefficient as we consider the post office to be. So what? If service were poor, plan participants would have an incentive to look elsewhere for care, the way most businesses requiring quick package delivery choose FedEx or UPS over the Postal Service. Since private plans would presumably be more efficient, they'd have a built-in competitive advantage and would still appeal to employers and individuals who can afford their own coverage. The postal-style plan, meanwhile, would provide basic service to a lot of people who couldn't get it anywhere else--while providing fresh fodder, valid or not, for the late-night comedians.

So what? If the post office loses your letter or Newman is your postman then all you are is inconvenienced. If the federal health care option screws up or you have a surly, unqualified doctor then you might die. It is just that simple.

Also this guy is advocating for a two tier system where if you are rich you pay for private care and if you are poor you are stuck with federal health care and hopefully get treated some time in the next 6 months by a doctor that was taught in an accredited medical school.

That is why health insurers are sitting so pretty. They know that they will get 47 million people into the pool and they will cherry-pick the healthiest while the government takes care of the sickest. As long as they aren't run out of business (I am convinced that only a single payer system like Canada's would do it) they will adapt, consolidate, and end up crushing the government plan.

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