Friday, August 21, 2009

Now We Are $9 Tillion in the Red?

It seems that Obama low-balled another economic number.

I wonder: How many economic projections has Team Barry utterly cocked up so far? Is anyone keeping a list? Off the top of my head, there’s this one, the infamous guesstimate that the stimulus would keep unemployment under eight percent, and the Cash for Clunkers funding that was supposed to last three months and ran out in a week.

I feel a little bad for the Red Chinese. Their debtor is so bad with money that they are not even sure how much they are down at any given time. The bill was once $7 trillion. No wait, I found another bill under the couch. Now we are down by $9 trillion.

I'm glad Obama could deliver this news right before he headed off of vacation. I just got a mental image of Obama in shorts and an aloha shirt with Michelle gunning the car behind him saying "Oh by the way we are another $2 trillion in the hole. Sorry about that folks!" and hops into the passenger side door as the car streaks away.

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