Friday, March 24, 2017

Trump Might want a Bi-Partisan Bill Next Year? The #FreedomCaucus Will Now Get Something Way Worse

Hmm this is a very interesting development.
I asked: Would working on a bipartisan health-care deal a year from now be something he would find more agreeable than whipping the hard right?
“A lot of people might say that,” Trump said, laughing. “We’ll end up with a better health-care plan. A great plan. And you wouldn’t need the Freedom Caucus.”
An Obamacare fix-it bill would probably be quite popular by many Americans and the Freedom Idiots would have no way to stop it. If the Dems play their cards right they might even get some sort of single payer out of this whole deal because I know Trump has talked about it. Also Planned Parenthood is now safe because no bi-partisan bill will strip their funding. The Freedom Caucasians just signed their political death warrant and they will now get a far less generous deal.

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