Friday, March 17, 2017

Red-State vs. Blue-State: Economic Predictions Edition. Dems Think We are Headed for a Deep Recession?

I just thing Dems are bad at economics in general.
Preliminary data released Friday showed a larger and growing portion of Democrats have lost faith in the economy, likely because of Trump. The University of Michigan’s Surveys of Consumers reports that when asked about expectations for the future, Democrats score a 55.3 on the index, a number that signals a “deep recession was imminent.”
Republicans, on the other hand, score 122.4 on the expectations index—a level that indicates “a new era of robust economic growth was ahead,” notes Richard Curtin, the economist who compiles the survey.
That is the largest gap on record. What is interesting is, I wonder why the Dems think that the recession is imminent? Just about everything Trump has done from the record Stock Market, the recovery in consumer sentiment, to booming jobs is the exact opposite of a recession. Also two big bumps to the economy from tax reform and infrastructure spending have yet to even be looked at. CEOs seem to be ready to deploy capital as well. I guess this is case-in-point when it comes echo chambers. 

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