Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Its Seems Congress is Actually Protecting some Tech Jobs from H-1B Tricks by Some Companies

It's nice when there is a bipartisan bill that actually helps American workers instead of undermines them.
In the latest onslaught against the H-1B program -- or specifically, the alleged misuse of the H-1B program by cost-cutting American companies and Indian IT firms -- another Bill was re-introduced late last week that aimed to choke off the undermining of American tech workers by foreign ones.
The Keeping American Jobs Act was brought back into the fray by Derek Kilmer (Democrat) and Doug Collins (Republican) that aims to prevent companies from making their existing American workers train H-1B tech workers in the country before permanently moving those jobs overseas, a process popularly known as "offshoring".
I think this is just the kind of bill that Trump can get behind. It saves American jobs and prevents companies from messing with their workers to save some cash.

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