Thursday, March 02, 2017

Part of the Reason Why the Long Knives came out for Sessions. He is "pulling back" on the Crackdown Against the Police

Hmm, cause-and-effect?
Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a major policy change yesterday that will likely have broad and real consequences for people of color around the country. At a meeting of state attorneys general on Tuesday, Sessions said that the Justice Department would "pull back" on the federal scrutiny of police departments for civil rights violations against people of color.
"Rather than dictating to local police how to do their jobs, or spending scarce federal resources to sue them in court, we should use our money, research, and expertise to help them figure out what is happening and determine the best ways to fight crime," Sessions said Tuesday.
I guess the Justice Department will go back to normal and not be looking over the shoulder of the police departments. It will be interesting to see if crime stats go back down again or not.

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