Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It Seems the Maddow Tax Story is the Al Capones Vault of Current Times. Trump Paid Higher Tax Percentage than Bernie Sanders

I hope indictments are not passed out over this debacle.
For a brief, breathless moment Tuesday night, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was at the center of the political media universe.
With a single tweet, she set in motion a social media storm, compelled the White House to undercut her by releasing some of President Donald Trump's tax return information, was accused of breaking the law, was attacked by Fox News Channel and likely drew one of her biggest audiences.
The problem is that whoever took that Trump Tax Return and photo-copied it and sent it to a reporter committed a felony. If Trump was smart he would find whoever did that and put them in jail. Hopefully, this would deter the next leaker who goes after Trump's taxes. No American should be under the threat of having someone potentially leak their tax returns.   

What is ironic though is that Trump's tax returns seem pretty generic for a billionaire. He paid taxes to the tune of $31 million and made $153 million. So that nonsense of Trump not paying taxes for 19 years seems to have been full of it. Also that tax percentage of 25% was higher than Warren Buffet and Bernie Sanders. Two table pounders about "paying their fair share of taxes."

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