Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The White House Sounds a Lot Like East Germany According to #Politico

Yeah they should be scared and take precautions after what has happened in the last 2 months.
Some rank-and-file White House aides, meanwhile, have become convinced that intelligence agents may be monitoring their phone calls, emails, and text messages. Those fears intensified last week when WikiLeaks released a trove of CIA documents outlining how the agency can break into phones and computers.
In an interview, one White House aide described the elaborate steps he was taking to shield himself. Once he gets home in the evening, he turns off his work phone and stores it in a drawer because, he said, he believes it could be used to listen to him even when it’s off. If he makes a call during off-hours, he uses a separate, personal phone in an adjoining room, where the stowed work device wouldn’t be able to pick up his voice as clearly.
I have to echo this sentiment from some nameless GOPer
“I wouldn't call it paranoia under the circumstances,” said a Republican who communicates with many administration aides through encrypted apps. “It’s not paranoia if people really are out to get you, and everybody actually is out to get everyone else.”
Yeah pretty much. The media is out to destroy Trump by any means necessary even printing crazy made-up stuff from Oppo files. Message discipline and plugging leaks should be their top priority because anything damaging will be a bludgeon pretty quickly. Flynn wasn't taken out by amateurs. 

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