Friday, March 17, 2017

A Whole Bunch of Sad Blue Staters that Cannot Sleep Due to Evil Trump

An entire article about people that cannot deal with the fact that Trump has won so much it is giving them insomnia.
“I worry that even though my family members have been American citizens for generations we will be targeted … because of our surnames and our looks,” says Soraida Justiniano of Palm Harbor, Fla.
“I’m worried about the ‘Anne Franks‘ of Syria, Somalia, Yemen,” says tech industry employee Amanda Silver, who is literally sleepless in Seattle, her hometown.
That is patently offensive. If she worried so much about the Anne Franks of Syria she should have gotten on Obama to clean up the mess before it metastasized so badly. Once Obama didn't do anything after the "red line" was crossed it was open season on Syrians. Hell, in 6 months time I think Syria will be all sorted out and there will be relative peace in that part of the world. I think these sad blue staters need to do this:
Lian Dolan, writer and host of the “Satellite Sisters” podcast, stopped watching the news as of Nov. 8, and adopted a German shepherd named Steffi right after Thanksgiving so that she could “walk us both into the ground, about 5 to 6 miles a day. Good for my sleep.” Her sister and podcast partner Liz Dolan is swimming. “There’s no news, real or fake, underwater,” she notes.
Yes, turn off CNN and get off of Facebook. Hang out with that rescue dog because her life is far more important than some crap happening in Washington. There really isn't anything that Trump can do that can damage America permanently. We will not go to war with China. We will not deport 11 million people. People will have more money in their pockets by next year due to an improving economy and tax cuts. Just like all those people that said Obama will destroy America were just plain wrong. These people are wrong too. Just resist when there is something to resist other than fear. 

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