Thursday, March 02, 2017

#ColinCrapernick Decides to Stand: I Guess Being a Free Agent Does That

It seems that kneeling during the National Anthem might hurt his marketability.
Controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick, as he embarks on an uncertain NFL future, has decided to abandon his protest of kneeling during the national anthem because it’s a distraction, according to ESPN.
Kaepernick, sources told ESPN, said he fears continuing to kneel would direct attention away from the positive social change he believes he has cultivated or the national discussion on race and inequality he sparked with his dramatic gesture during the 2016 season.
Positive Social Change? What are you talking about? Maybe he thinks Donald Trump will be better for social change and national discussion on race (or whatever he was touting) than Obama was. I hope no one picks him up because he is terrible now and really disrespected a lot of people with that kneeling thing.

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