Thursday, March 30, 2017

Talking About Changing the Narrative: Hillary's 2nd Presidential Bid Was "Battered?"

Now this is some very interesting stuff.
The investigation sent the Clinton campaign reeling in at least two pivotal points during the campaign — less than two weeks before Election Day, when FBI director James Comey announced the bureau was looking into new emails related to the Clinton inquiry, and again two days before the election, when he announced the agency found nothing.
The cumulative effect was seen as having done irreparable damage to Clinton's already battered second bid for the White House and the Clinton camp later blamed Comey himself for their loss to Donald Trump. 
The campaign was far from "battered" if you believed anything that MSM put out right before the election. Even Fox News had her up by 6 points as late as Oct 18th. We were told she was a lock to win by many different sources.
But Democrats said Trump’s appearances in states where he is clearly behind are simply a sign that his other pathways to 270 electoral votes have narrowed to virtually nothing — even before the FBI announcement in her favor.
If things were "narrowing to virtually nothing" for the Trump Campaign how can her campaign be "battered?" I even remember talk of a Democrat sweep that put markets on edge.
While Trump's troubles could pull support away from other Republican candidates, voters may also opt to pull the lever for Trump and ignore those who are not supporting him, said Pethokoukis, who is also a CNBC contributor.
Now Democrats "are talking about a clean sweep and being able to re-run the first term of Obama the way they would have liked to have done if it wasn't overshadowed by the financial crisis," he said.
Oh how wrong all of these people were.

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