Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Truth is What Serves the Party" is Right when it Comes to Sean Hannity

I have to agree with the Ex-CIA Director Hayden.
In response, Hayden told Brookings Institute senior fellow Benjamin Wittes in a statement: “Hannity has entered the pantheon of a true propagandist.” Additionally, he wrote, “Fox News has almost entirely jumped the shark. They have given up any semblance of conservatism and focused on an almost visceral hatred of all things Clinton and Obama.” The four-star general—who has served in positions under Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama—concluded that Hannity reminds him a Bulgarian political official he met in the 1980s who, when asked what truth is, told Hayden, “Truth is what serves the party.”
Hannity says he isn't a journalist as some kind of mealy-mouthed defense but his show has become unwatchable. It is just one Trump hug after another with no real substance anymore. I guess Hannity has a job lined up as propaganda minister if Trump wins the Presidency. More likely he will jump ship to the Trump News Network and be his leading talking-head. 

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