Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NFL Viewership Down: People Citing Krapernick Protests

I guess the Star-Spangled Kneel is hurting the shield.
Response to the protests continues to break down along age lines. More than half, 53 percent, of respondents 55 and over who said they are watching fewer games cited Kaepernick as the reason, while only 13 percent of respondents aged 18 to 34 pointed to the protests as their reason for watching less football.
I too am watching fewer games but it is a combination of the 49ers being awful and not playing fantasy football this year. I used to watch meaningless games because my running back was playing but now there really isn't any reason to watch.

However, I am watching more college because the matchups are compelling. Like this weekend is Texas A&M vs Alabama which should be a great game but there really aren't any NFL games I am looking forward to. Maybe Seattle vs Arizona but its just because I don't like Seattle. The rest of the games looks pretty ho-hum.

In any case college football just seems like more fun and you get the pageantry, bands and such thrown in. There is still some Star-Spangled Kneeling but it seems fairly rare and there seems to be actual pushback and consequences.

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