Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Imperial College London Might have Found a Gene that Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Hmm it looks like one group after another is advancing the ball down the field.
Early-stage clinical trials have shown that the antibody aducanumab is effective in destroying the beta amyloid deposits that serve as the gathering place for the defective tau proteins. The new research carried out by a team at Imperial College London describes a gene therapy treatment that prevents the beta amyloid deposits from being formed.
The researchers identified a gene called PGC-1α that interferes with the production of beta amyloid peptides. They directly tested the effect of PGC-1α on the development of Alzheimer’s disease with transgenic mice that are genetically engineered to produce elevated levels of amyloid beta peptides.
I wonder if this can be moved to humans or not? The idea that there is a gene that interferes with the creation of these beta amyloid plaques is quite a breakthrough though.

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