Thursday, October 20, 2016

Here is Something New: Shinrin-Yoku AKA Forest Bathing Might Fight Stess,Cancer, and Boost Brain Function

Hmm might be worth a try.
For the Japanese, of course, communing with nature is a major element of their culture and belief system--think Cherry Blossom Festival. So it's not surprising that they've devoted the time and funding to thoroughly study the effects of nature on the human system, resulting in their practice of shinrin-yoku, which translates roughly as "forest bathing."

First popularized in Japan in 1982, forest bathing is now a widespread pastime in Japan and is growing in popularity here too. Some American certified forest therapy guides (yup, that's a thing) believe shinrin-yoku is poised to become as big an element of American wellness as yoga and meditation are--two other Eastern practices scientifically proven to promote brain function and health.
It is supposed to improve brain function, reduce stress, and create cancer causing Killer T cells. Not sure about that last one but being in nature certainly relaxes me.

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