Friday, October 07, 2016

Russia Leaps to Trumps Defence in Row with UN

I think the Russians have a man in this race.
Three diplomats familiar with the conversation said the complaint occurred in a private meeting Sept. 13. Churkin angrily protested a pair of speeches by Zeid that denounced "demagogues" and specifically targeted Trump and several populist leaders in Europe, even likening their tactics to Islamic State propaganda.
"Prince Zeid is overstepping his limits from time to time and we're unhappy about it," Churkin said Friday. "He criticized a number of heads of state, government. He should stick to his file, which is important enough."
I wonder when the Russians are going to drop the Hillary's emails? My guess is after the 2nd debate but before the 3rd on a slow news day so everyone can go wall-to-wall. Then Hillary would have to wade through a 100 questions in the 3rd debate from Fox News's Chris Wallace on the dirt those emails contain. Maybe we would get a resignation from the FBI director thrown in as well.

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