Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Can't Believe I'm Agreeing with Rachel Maddow: I Avoided this Debate After I Hearing it Was Crosstalk-Fest

I was planning to watch the debate later on but I'm glad I missed it after hearing this kind of thing.
“A lot of the time, I think those of us watching on television had no idea what was being said because not only were both men speaking over one another, the moderator was speaking over both of the candidates, and nobody was yielding to anybody else,” the MSNBC host said after the debate. “So there were long stretches of time when there were three voices at once and I don’t think you could pick out any intelligible words from any of them.”
That sounds like hell on earth and I have to give credit to the pundits who had to endure this kind of thing. Whenever I hear cross-talk on Fox News or any other thing I immediately change the channel. I just can't stand the incivility that comes from that kind of behavior. Listening politely seems to be a lost art nowadays. Hopefully Sunday's debate will not be like this.

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