Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Four Palestinian's Invited to Sukkot Festival were Arrested?

I have to agree that I don't think the Palestinian Authority actually wants peace when they pull this kind of stunt.
If you needed any more clues as to why a final Israeli-Palestinian settlement remains so elusive, consider the case of four Arabs who accepted an invitation for the holiday of Sukkot in the nearby Israeli settlement of Efrat on Thursday: The Palestinian Authority arrested them.
The invite from Oded Revivi, the Israeli mayor, was intended to promote peace — and the four men (Riyad Abu Hamad, Yakoub Mousa Abu Hamad, Farouk Mousa Abu Hamad and Mohammad Ahmed Abu Hamad) surely took it in that spirit. Can’t hurt to get to know the neighbors, can it?
Yeah the settlements are technically illegal according to the UN but 1967 is quite a long time ago. Maybe they can work something out or just have the Palestinians build a town next to Efrat and everyone could get along. In any case if you cannot even attend the other guys festival without being arrested then how are you going to get along with him?

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