Thursday, October 20, 2016

Philippines' President Duterte Moves Toward Red China and Away from US: Might be a Big Mistake

I guess the Red Chinese have moved the Philippines into their sphere of influence.
Duterte is in China for a four-day trip seen as confirming his tilt away from Washington and towards Beijing's sphere of influence -- and its deep pockets.
"I announce my separation from the United States," he said to applause at a meeting in the Chinese capital.
"America does not control our lives. Enough bullshit," he added in a rambling speech that flipped between languages.
"How can you be the most powerful industrial country when you owe China and you are not paying it?"
Yeah we are paying China for buying our bonds. Its called interest and we are paying the Red Chinese billions in those payments. The problem is that Duterte is cleaving to a power that really doesn't care very much about the Philippines. The Red Chinese are masters at taking what they want are an extremely canny player of the Great Game. Just watch how they will exploit that South China Sea area between their two countries.

In any case here is the sweetener the Chinese provided. It seems that $15 million will be more than enough to kill off the rest of the drug problem in the Philippines.
They oversaw the signing of 13 bilateral cooperation documents on business, infrastructure, and agriculture, among other fields, he added.
Beijing also has offered the Philippines a $9 billion soft loan for development projects, a statement from the Philippine presidential press office said.
About $15 million of the promised loans will be earmarked for drug rehabilitation programmes amid Duterte's anti-drug campaign, which has killed thousands of people and raised concern abroad of human rights violations.
China will also lift bans on 27 Philippine tropical fruit export companies. Previous sanctions on fruit were intended to punish Manila for its South China Sea stance.

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