Monday, October 24, 2016

Even Conservative Women are Fleeing Trump

I have to agree with this woman's view.
“To switch from actively anti-Hillary to supporting Hillary Clinton has been an interesting 360 and an interesting experiment in what it means to split from a party,” says Stuebe, who describes herself as a small-government libertarian. She’s still grappling with what her relationship to the GOP might be in the future. Does she feel betrayed by the men in her party who support Trump? “Absolutely. I think it’s embarrassing not only to the Republican Party but to the electoral system in America that we were unable to mount a candidate equally qualified to be president as Hillary is.”
Yeah I agree. There is something wrong when a sex abuser and the most crooked person to ever run for office are the only choices we have. There is something wrong with the GOP when they nominated him in the first place. Also a loss of people like this is going to be very bad for the GOP going forward.
Culturally, McAlpin seems about as Republican as they come. “I learned to shoot when I was 7,” she tells me proudly. She’d been in a sorority at Florida Southern College; in D.C., where she moved for graduate school, she’d interned for Republican congressmen and worked for a right-leaning digital strategy firm. But three months ago, in despair over the direction of the Trump-era GOP, McAlpin went to work for a flower-delivery startup. “I’m so tired of politics, and I felt totally abandoned by my party,” she says.
You might see quite a few young conservatives leave the party en-mass over Trump and his stupidity. If the GOP can find a decent center-right female candidate in the next election maybe they can right to ship. But until then its going to be a long 4 years and its only going to get worse.

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