Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Wow Senators Really Hate Cruz #LoseCruz

It seems that the Senate is not a good place for Ted Cruz. No wonder he wants a job promotion so badly.
After interviews with a dozen Republican senators on Tuesday, there is still no one willing to publicly say they are on Ted Cruz's side, The New York Times reports. To date, Donald Trump and John Kasich both have the endorsements of a current senator, and Marco Rubio has raked in the support of more than a dozen of his peers. Despite years in the Senate, Cruz is still looking at a big zilch.

Yesterday the National Review reported that Cruz was "set to unveil endorsements from more than four senators this week" only to issue an update saying, "The report was erroneous. As of this writing, the campaign has no pending Senate endorsements to announce."

In other words they probably were going to put some words into the mouths of four Senators but they caught wind of it before the Cruz scum-bags could print it.

I bet it was something like "Ted Cruz... is a person... that underestimated" says the Senator from some-damn-place when they actually said "Ted Cruz is a terrible person that cannot be trusted and who's massive ineptitude and stupidity cannot be underestimated."

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