Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Jay Bilas's NCAA Tournament Selection Plan is Genius: Kills all that Bracketology and Last 4 In/Out Noise

Here is the plan:

  • Tournament selection committee would meet prior to the conference tournaments and rank the top 68 at-large teams
  • Teams that win conference tournaments receive automatic bids. If that team is not one of the 68 teams, the lowest-ranked team in the field of 68 is knocked out.

This would prevent Monmouth from getting knocked out of the tournament by Tulsa or whomever just because they lost their tournament championship game. There will still be subjectivity after the automatic bids are passed out but it will be fairly minimal.

The best part is you can get rid of all that Last 4 In/Last 4 Out crap that you have to listen to around this time. They had a running thing on ESPN about it and it was totally worthless because Monmouth got jobbed and Tulsa somehow snuck in there. Now we would have a field of 68 and lets say Monmouth and St. Bonaventure are on that list then they are in. If Michigan or Tulsa don't make the list they are out. Very simple and without a ton of drama. 

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