Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FBI Spilling Water on the iPhone is Just a Strait Cover-Your-Tracks Move

This has to be the most transparent attempt I have ever seen to deflect attention so they can use this hack on other iPhones without running afoul of Apples lawyers.
Calling the accident “one of the biggest embarrassments in F.B.I. history,” bureau spokesman Harland Dorrinson told reporters, “There’s no way to express how bad we feel about what happened to that phone.”

Walking reporters through the mishap, Dorrinson said that shortly after the iPhone was unlocked, “There were a lot of high-fives, which led to the unfortunate spilling of the water.”
The water spilled directly on the phone so that no one can ever see what the hackers used to access the phone. Cover-your-tracks 101. I'm sure the hack they used on the phone died when the water splashed on it. Very convenient of that happening as well. Now everyone has a laugh at the FBI while they continue to crack whatever they need in terms of iPhones.

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