Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Well Chris Christie sounds just like a Teen Girl Now that he is no longer relevant

I think he may have damaged his career if Trump doesn't win the Presidency. Here he is sounding like a petulant teen at a press conference.
One reporter told Christie that he and, he assumed, other reporters in the room had some off-topic questions and began to launch into a question, but was immediately shot down.
“No, I won’t permit you to. I told you that there’s going to be only on-topic questions today. So, permission denied,” Christie said.

He silenced another reporter immediately afterward: “That’s an off-topic question. I think you understand that I’m answering on-topic questions today." Asked why he wouldn't take questions on anything else, Christie replied, "Because I don’t want to.”

“Anything else on topic?” Christie asked repeatedly. “Anything else on topic?”
"Because I don't want to" sounds like a teen girl telling her parents why she doesn't want to take off all that make-up. What a blow-hard clown. It will be nice to see him disappear now that he is no longer relevant on the national stage.

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