Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lindsey Grahm's Has a Great Idea: Don't Nominate Anyone Hold Just hold onto the Congress and Go at Hillary in 2020

I really like this idea.
His endorsement of Cruz? Tepid.

“He’s not completely crazy,” Graham said of Cruz. “Partially crazy?” Noah asked. Graham fired back: “That works in Washington.”

Noah later plays a clip for Graham in which he’s asked if he’d prefer Cruz or Trump. Graham’s response: “It’s like being shot or being poisoned. What does it really matter?”

He finishes: “I’m saying my party is completely screwed up … if it were up to me, we wouldn’t nominate anyone. We’d start all over again.”
Sounds like a good plan. Trump will end up costing Congressional seats or whats worse for the GOP establishment win the Presidency. Cruz is un-electable and insane and Kasich cannot win without some smoke-filled-room screw-job. So they pretty much have nobody to run against Hillary.

Just pack it all in and maybe some anger will drain out of the country so that they can put someone decent up on 2020. The GOP used to be a pretty well-oiled machine but Trump has destroyed all that in 2016.

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