Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump Wimps out on a yet Another Fox News Debate: Cements Scared Little Baby Status

For a big, bag real estate tycoon that will bomb ISIS and wants to punch and shoot people on 5th avenue he is a serious wimp when it comes to Megyn Kelly.
The U.S. Republican presidential debate scheduled for next week in Utah has been canceled, host Fox News said on Wednesday, after party front-runner Donald Trump told the network he would not participate.

Trump, who has clashed with Fox News throughout his campaign, told Fox in an interview on Wednesday he would not appear at the event, scheduled for Monday, because he thought the Republicans had "had enough debates."
What a wimpy little child. He knows he would have his brand hurt by tough questions so he is going to skate to the nomination. Just like a bully to hit and run like that.

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