Friday, March 11, 2016

Now the GOP wants a Third Party Candidate?: In Other Words President Hillary Clinton even if She is Indicted.

There is some serious Trump derangement disorder in the GOP.
Fagen said it is possible but unlikely that a Republican with "enormous stature" like 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney or House Speaker Paul Ryan would be put forward if Trump enters the Republican National Convention without the required number of delegates to lock up the nomination.

A more likely possibility is that a Republican governor steps up and runs on a third party ticket, she said. "I think there's a scenario where if he's the nominee, one of these governors looks at the race and says, 'Why not? Why not run as an independent? This is not my Republican Party anymore.'" 

So they would have Trump and some Governor (Kasich?) split the voters right down the middle? That was the nuclear scenario if they robbed Trump in the first place. Trump would run as an independent and Hillary would win. Instead Trump will get the nomination the GOP runs some third party Governor and Hillary will win. So instead of the Trump's third-party nuclear option we would instead get the GOP-third party seppuku option. And these guys want all the levers of power? It's almost like a false flag to get Hillary elected.

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