Thursday, March 10, 2016

FBI Raises Stakes Against Apple: Might Demand Source Code and the Electronic Signature for the iPhone

Wow I thought we were living in a Representative Republic and not some sort of dictatorship where the FBI demands corporate secrets just because they cannot crack an iPhone.
But in a court filing on Thursday, the FBI said that if can't require Apple to create the weakened software, it may demand access to what it described as Apple's "crown jewels" instead. Source code is the list of programming code instructions used to create the software that runs the iPhone. The code controls everything from the background colors on the screen to the most critical security protections the phone has. Apple's secret signature is a digital "key" required to update software on all iPhones
Remember Apple has committed no crime and has only refused to cooperate in something that will weaken their product and make them renege on their promise to consumers. There is no idea that anything on the iPhone will be actionable at all. Depending on what app the terrorist used the info could be long gone already. Instead the FBI is getting heavy handed using ancient laws to compel a private company to give up all the goods.

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