Wednesday, March 02, 2016

GOP Scrambles to Stop Trump: Um Guys its Over; Hillary Will be the 45th President of the United States

Unless she is indited of course then maybe all bets are off. In any case the GOP establishment is running scared.
In a flurry of conference calls and meetings, top Republican donors and strategists laid plans for a multimillion-dollar assault on the front-runner in a series of states holding contests on March 15. Ground zero is Florida, where home-state Sen. Marco Rubio, the leading establishment candidate, is going all-in to defeat Trump, who leads in the polls there. 
Maybe they should simply let Trump go and get behind the 2020 nominee to head off Hillary's second term. If they go to a brokered convention Trump will run as a third party and Hillary would win anyway. That pledge he signed is just a piece of toilet paper to the Drumpf.

In any case I guess it will be historic to see the first female President. She is owned by Wall Street so the market will be up during her term. So that means bank stocks and brokerage houses will prosper under her reign and patronage. She might really be the President from Goldman Sachs.

However, I wonder if she would be quick to make a deals with the GOP Congress? They don't seem to hate each other like Obama and the current Congress so it might be possible. She is pretty warlike so ISIS would have to watch their backs. 

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