Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Woman Loses School Lunch Job for Feeding Hungry Kids that Could Not Pay

Now this is a travesty of justice if I ever seen one.
In her position, Curry was often manning the cash register, so she would see students come through the line with a hot lunch and then learn that their accounts did not have enough credit on them. “The policy is to then take their food from them and throw it away, and give them the cheese sandwich,” she says. “I couldn’t do it. When I had money I would put it in for them, and if I did not have money, I gave them the food.”

On Friday, Curry was fired. “I will never say I was wrongfully terminated, because according to policy, I was not,” she says. “But it’s not right. No child should ever have to have that nutrition – it’s not nutrition – or that humiliation.”
What got me is she was supposed to snatch the food out of the kids hands and throw it away in front of them. Then give them the Gulag lunch? The literal version of "No soup for you." The worst part is this is in front of everyone so the kid gets a side order of humiliation with their Gulag meal.

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