Friday, June 12, 2015

Facebook Comments on McKinney, Texas Pool Party Claims yet Another Job #DeleteYourFacebook

Well that didn't take long for another person to lose their job over comments on what happened at that now infamous pool party.
Yesterday, a teacher from McKinney got axed from her position for posting a racially inflammatory rant about Officer Eric Casebolt’s resignation on her personal Facebook page — hotly defending his actions and referring to African-Americans as “having no education” and “the ones causing the problem” when it comes to racial tension.
“This makes me ANGRY! This officer should not have to resign,” wrote Karen Fitzgibbons, formerly a fourth-grade teacher at Bennett Elementary School in McKinney, on her Facebook page on Tuesday, according to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. The page has since been deleted.
She worked there for 16 years and after one Facebook post she was fired. What she said was incendiary but you figure that the school board would go to bat for her after she apologized. Instead she was fired without any further ado.  One post and she will probably never teach again.

I have to say if you are a school teacher, a principal, or professor delete your Facebook right now or it might be used against you in the court of public opinion. Maybe in the same vein it would be a good idea to totally ignore anything about race and keep your head down.

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