Monday, June 22, 2015

Wait de Blasio is Sending Cops with Desk Jobs into the the Worst Precincts? Could it be Revenge for Turning their backs on Him?

Wow, this guy needs some referendum and recall directed toward him.
Many of the All Out cops have been working desk jobs for a decade or more, so everyone underwent a two-day refresher course to get them familiar with the violence – and crime – plagued neighborhoods they have to patrol.

The crash course wasn’t nearly enough to prepare the cops for the dangers of facing down perps emboldened by de Blasio’s crackdown on stop-and-frisk and his anti-police rhetoric, sources said.
So de Blasio ramps up the criminal element by disrespecting the cops and shutting down stop-and-frisk then he sends guys that have earned a desk job right to the wolves? I mean these desk job cops worked a beat when they were young men and have earned the desk job and easier time of things. Instead they are pushed onto the streets because I guess there is a shortage of cops or something.

I guess this must be de Blasio's way of revenge for turning their backs on him at public funerals and such. Someone needs to match up a list of the back-turners and a list of the desk job cops being put onto the street. They might match up.

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