Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mark Cuban Says Ted Cruz is Hated: Yeah Pretty Much #CruzisanIdiot

Talk about stating the obvious.
Cuban said that whenever he's in Washington DC, he hears bad stuff about Cruz. It's all secondhand, but it's pretty brutal.

"The one thing I hear about Ted Cruz, and I don't know the guy, is that he's a jerk, and everybody hates him. This is all secondhand; everybody I talk to that knows anybody that works for him, they've all quit or been fired and the turnover is enormous ...
"I've heard it time in and time out, again and again and again and again..."
Cruz just seems like the kind of person that runs his staffers out and is just a general asshole. I would vote for Communist Bernie Sanders twice before I would vote for Cruz. In fact Cruz represents everything that sucks about politics and the GOP.

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