Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Crime Surges as Police Look the Other Way: It Makes Sense from the Police Point of View

It seems crime is starting to get out of control.
Leading criminologists believe the upsurge in crime is due to what Sam Dotson, the St Louis police chief, has described as the “Ferguson effect” — a reluctance by police officers to make arrests or confront criminals for fear of being prosecuted if they make an error.

One posting on a St Louis forum used by police officers stated: “I’ll continue to do my job, but that is all. I refuse to be a punching bag for the public and the press. Why should I do anything other than the bare minimum?

“If I make even the slightest mistake my career, my savings . . . and even my freedom are in jeopardy.”
So it makes sense that they just look the other way when they see someone loitering or running a red light or whatever. No sense getting out of their squad car and possibly having someone film them and possibly sending them to jail.

I mean this recent case of the cops breaking up that Texas pool party with too much force will probably result in criminal charges. The cops might as well have sat that one out and they would not be facing any possible jail time. They could have just watched from the patrol car and made sure a riot doesn't happen.

One moment of too much adrenaline pumping, an accident, or a suspect running at them can be enough to send them to jail and threaten their lives after the fact. Hell, even the President of the United States will be bad mouthing you. These cops can just look the other way and they can spare themselves the destruction that the media and their own prosecutors will bring down on their heads.

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