Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sarah Palin out at Fox News: Maybe our Long National Nightmare has Finally Come to an End

Maybe she will be relegated to the dust bin of history at long last.
Fox News, which helped the polarizing former Alaska governor remain in the spotlight as a regular contributor after Sen. John McCain's (and his running mate's) defeat in the 2008 presidential election, did not renew Mrs. Palin's contract, Politico's Mike Allen first reported. Her exit brings an end to a cable staple conservatives have loved and liberals have loved to hate.
I'm just glad her annoying voice will not have a place to spout off about nonsense anymore. Whenever I saw her on Fox News I immediately changed the channel. Now she will still hang around at conservative forums and such because she is still a draw for whatever reason. However, she will reduced to a sound bite which will be fine with me.

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