Monday, June 29, 2015

Wait, What? Red Chinese Might Come to Greek Aid? #grexit

I guess Red China could just buy the whole of their debt and annex it if they wanted to.
Premier Li Keqiang, in Europe on a day when financial markets took fright that Greece might leave the euro, said China and the world wanted to see Athens remain in the currency area and that China would continue to buy euro zone debt.

Following his first summit with top EU officials, Li declined to say whether Beijing could come to Greece's aid with loans, but commented: "China is ready to play a constructive role." 
They could pretty much monetize all of the Greece's debt and make them Far Western China with their walking-around money if they wanted to. It still boggles my mind that all this capital destruction of the past few days is over several billion in bailout money. I mean Apple could conceivably bail out Greece if they wanted to with just a small hit to their cash hoard.

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