Friday, September 09, 2016

The "Never Date a Feminist Guy" Dave Hon Will Probably Not Be Dating Anyone Soon #TeethCleaning

Well this article is raising some hackles.
If you look for a reason to hate men, chances are you’re going to find it.
The truth is, I don’t blame women, (especially in my generation) for hating men. They’ve been told there’s a wage gap (I disagree). That there’s a culture of rape on college campuses (I also disagree). And the patriarchy is keeping them oppressed in almost every facet of their lives (I really, really disagree.)
I don't think this guy needs to worry about feminists because he is not a good looking fellow. I wonder if he thinks that women who won't date him hate all men or just hate the particular man they see before them? In any case maybe some teeth whitening would be a good start. 

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