Friday, September 16, 2016

I Have to Agree: Hillary Needs to Aim her Economic Plan at the Middle Class

I think these are great ideas for an economic plan.
What could Clinton do differently? Plenty. She could join a majority of economists in defending free trade, as she did not so long ago. Instead of flip-flopping on deals such as the Trans Pacific Partnership, which she used to support but no longer does, she could explain with authority why such deals are in our interest and back it up with new ways to help those disenfranchised by trade and present a small number of big ideas for making America the world’s most desirable economy (again). She could steal Trump’s good idea about growth: Set a target of 4% annually and declare it a national priority akin to winning a war. And then demand that we change the rules so every talented √©migr√© in the world wants to come to America, and can.
The first part will probably be problematic because Unions hate free trade because it makes their jobs go to other countries and thus depresses their revenue from dues. If Hillary gets back to how she was before people "Felt the Burn" Unions would jump all over her. It's not like they would suddenly back Trump so maybe she could get away with it.

The second thing would be a great idea. The "4% GDP Moonshot" would be a great economic slogan and if America achieved it there would be prosperity all over the country. Hell, if she got 4% GDP growth anytime in her 4 years she would easily be remembered as one of the best economic Presidents we could have hoped for. Also if she got away from the rhetoric that 4% GDP growth only helps the wealthy since it would go a long way toward the idea that high growth will lift all boats.

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