Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Now the Seahawks want to Join Colin Craper-nick in Kneeling/Sitting Protest Against the National Anthem?

I guess it is contagious.
Not only is Baldwin considering a protest during the anthem, it sounds like others on the Seahawks might be as well.

“Our locker room has discussed it so we’ll see,” Baldwin said, according to Condotta.

Baldwin’s teammate, cornerback Jeremy Lane, sat down during the national anthem in Seattle’s final preseason game and said he’ll continue to do so. Kaepernick was also joined in his protest by 49ers safety Eric Reid. Kaepernick’s protest has drawn a ton of attention, both positive and negative.
What exactly is the end-game to this protest? If all racism in America is eradicated. That means Craper-nick and the Seahawks will be sitting for decades. Do they want police to stop carrying guns? I guess that would get lots of cops killed just to make them feel better. 

Do they want black people in power? I mean the President and the Attorney General are both black. Also nearly every Police Chief that I have seen where there were riots were black. So institutional racism in the police department does not seem to be happening at the top cop level. 

In any case I guess these protestors will be sitting/kneeling for a very long time. Just like the Occupy Wall Street crowd they do not have a list of things that need to happen to end the protest. It's just airy ideas that do not get down to concrete solutions at all.

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