Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hillary Just Can't Stop Lying Even when it Comes to Whether she Follows Polls of Not

I think her reflex action is to lie.
Speaking to reporters aboard her campaign plane Tuesday, Clinton shrugged off a question about the CNN/ORC survey.
"I really pay no attention to polls. When they are good for me -- and there have been a lot of them that have been good for me recently -- I don't pay attention," Clinton said. "When they are not so good, I don't pay attention. We are on a course that we are sticking with."
If you don't pay attention how would you know if they were good or bad? She should have said "whether the polls are good or bad we really don't care." That would mean she sees the polls and they are "still on the course that they are sticking with." 
Maybe this is old school Clinton-speak. It matters what "I don't pay attention" means. Hillary doesn't pay attention at all but her body-person Huma or her similar Clinton-istas whole job revolves around it. Get ready for 4 years of this kind of thing. Maybe the old Kremlin-oligists can teach the new people following the Clintons.  

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