Monday, September 12, 2016

SAS Sniper Pulls off God-shot out of an Action Movie to Slay ISIS Executioner

Now this guy is a bad-ass that needs to have a movie made after him.
A sharpshooter killed a top ISIS executioner and three other jihadists with a single bullet from nearly a mile away — just seconds before the fiend was set to burn 12 hostages alive with a flamethrower, according to a new report.
The British Special Air Service marksman turned one of the most hated terrorists in Syria into a fireball by using a Barett .50-caliber rifle to strike a fuel tank affixed to the jihadi’s back, the UK’s Daily Star reported Sunday.
The pack exploded, killing the sadistic terrorist and three of his flunkies, who were supposed to film the execution, last month, the paper said.
Now that is an awesome shot. One shot 3 targets eliminated and 12 people saved. This guy needs to be put up for the Victoria Cross.

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