Friday, September 09, 2016

Richard Sherman is A Very Intelligent Fellow but This Statement is Just Ignorant

This has got to take the cake for just spouting uninformed statements about the US.
“But I think there is also things in this nation that people need to remember and need to take heed of and also acknowledge. This country is the same country that had ‘Whites’ and ‘Colored’ signs on the bathroom. We are still in that country. We are still in that nation. And that needs to be acknowledged and that needs to be changed; that mentality still exists. And that needs to change…

Um no this is not the same country that had segregation it is a totally different one. Just like China of today should not be colored by the millions and millions of people that died under Mao. Or Germany of today has to be colored by the Holocaust. The people that did those atrocities are almost all dead. They will eventually join them on the ash heap of history.

I agree that our racist past should be acknowledged but the great strives we have done in the present should not be diminished my them. That's why saying we are still in a nation of segregationists is ignorant. There is still might be that mentality somewhere in America but it is no longer in a position of power.

The most powerful man in America and the attorney general are both black. There are many black governors, mayors, and police chiefs etc. Saying we are still the same nation as the one in the past discounts everything we have done to change that situation. There are no longer "White" and "Colored" signs up over any bathroom in this country and there hasn't been for 30 years.

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