Friday, September 09, 2016

The FED Governors Need to STFU: Market Slides 394 Points on Their Loose Lips

I'm tired of these un-elected officials roiling the market on their loose talk.
The speculation has been driven by divergent Fed speak over recent days despite the disappointing economic reports. Most recently, Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren, another usually reliable dove, said the the central bank risks financial instability if it keeps rates anchored so low. San Francisco Fed President John Williams, a policy kindred spirit for Yellen, called for hiking "sooner rater than later."
I'm so tired of this game of "raising rates in September or December or both or neither" that markets keep playing. Can't the FED speak with one voice? I don't remember a time when they would pop off like this under Ben Bernanke or Alan Greenspan. Maybe Yellen just runs a loose ship where everyone can just say whatever they want when ever they want without consequences.

The problem is the FED is so mealy mouthed. Just say we will raise rates in September and December. Or just come out with some sort of game plan so the markets can adjust. Just say they want rates at 4% by 2020 or something. Or come out with a statement at the beginning of the year saying "we will raise rates 4 times by 1/4 point" in 2017. Take away all this idiotic uncertainty so people can make decisions.

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